Chartered in 1927, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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Welcome to the Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu

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Reunion Was a Blast!


The Boys gather at The Post for the 2016 Reunion in Oxford



Miami's Suspension of Epsilon Nu as a Recognized Fraternity on campus: 

In 2015, our Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu chapter was summarily suspended of its recognition by Miami University for what Miami found to be violations of the Student Code of Conduct.  Pending any successful further appeals, the suspension is slated to run through March of 2018.

While the chapter is under suspension, the chapter is unable to particiapte in RUSH and the House is closed to Sigma Nu residents.  The cost of closure is significant with annual operating expenses exceeding $100,000 (Taxes, Mortgage, Insurance, Utilities, Inspection Fees, Security Fees, etc.)  With no income from room and board fees, these operating expenses would have to come from limited cash reserves.  We would not have enough in cash reserve to carry us through the term of the suspension, so it was decided to lease the House to the Lambda Chi fraternity for the 2016/2017 school year and possibly beyond.  The rental fee will go to covering the operating expenses through 2017.

For more on the suspension, read the "EN Status Report".