Chartered in 1927, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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About Us

The Boys at Puddle Pull, fall 1979.  EN wins using a revolutionary "no rock, just hit and take" technique.

The Epsilon Nu Chapter of Sigma Nu was chartered at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1927.  Calvin Coolidge was President of the United States when Sigma Nu National colonized Epsilon Nu.  80+ years and 15 U.S. Presidents later, Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu remains an integral part of Miami's fraternity system. 

The Epsilon Nu Chapter has remained an ongoing entity for most of its 80+ years.  For the first 60 years, alumni involvement and support, in the form of an Alumni Housing Board, was stable and strong.  Without the strength of the alumni chapter, the house currently located at 300 N. Tallawanda would not exist; the rebuilding of The House after the fire of 1978 would never have taken place.

Alumni support and involvement waned and became virtually non-existent around 1991 when our long standing alumni board dissolved.  For the next 20 years, our long time advisor, Wayne Staton and his family unceremoniously managed the operation and kept it viable.  In the summer of 2011, the alumni board wa resurrected.

The fire of 1978 and the passing of Mom Reaves a few short years later had a devastating impact on Epsilon Nu and the ability of the Active Chapter to maintain a link to the alumni.  Many will recall that the fire destroyed all of the composites and other House memorabilia that had been stored in the attic boiler room.  Smoke and water destroyed the many photo albums and historical documents stored in Mom's office next to the living room fireplace.  One of Mom's key roles was to maintain the alumni database and ensure that The Serpent newsletter was published and distributed on a regular basis.  When was the last time you received a copy of The Serpent?   

This website started out as just a simple means for promoting and disseminating information pertaining to our 2011 Summer Reunion.  However, after several recent conversations and emails, the effort has taken a different tack. 

Our Alumni Mission has become:

1.  To re-establish a true "Alumni Chapter".

2.  To restore alumni interest and involvement in the Active Chapter in an effort to ensure Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu will remain a strong, viable entity for many years to come.

3.  To compile, maintain, and share with the Active Chapter and EN alumni community, a comprehensive and current database of alumni chapter members.

4.  To provide a starting block for the reassembling of Chapter history lost in the fire of '78 and to serve as a placeholder or electronic archive for documented and pictorial history and Local Lore.

5.  To provide a portal through which the Active Chapter can communicate with Epsilon Nu Alumni.

6.   To demonstrate to Actives and younger alumni "what it means to be a member of Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu"; that you can take the boy out of Sigma Nu, but you can't take Sigma Nu out of the man.  The bond that exists is lifelong.

For now, this site will be maintained by the alumni class of '81.  It may die on the vine, or it may continue for years to come.  Our hope is that some younger alumni, those not weened on computers requiring punch-cards, will eventually take this over and give it more of a professional look and feel.  Until then, we hope the site will help to rejuvenate interest in Epsilon Nu by providing a few laughs along the way.