Chartered in 1927, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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Alumni Board

HELP IS NEEDED!!  Currently Seeking Volunteer Alumni to Serve Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu in a leadership capacity on the board.  Inquire through the "Volunteer" page on this site.

In April of 2011, it was decided to resurrect the Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu Alumni Board after a 20+ year hiatus.  The historic function of past Alumni Boards was to facilitate management and oversight of the Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu Housing Corporation which is the entity that owns 300. N. Tallawanda.  In June of 2011, nine alumni members agreed to serve on the Board.  The Board had numerous goals including reengaging our alumni community and developing and executing a plan to renovate the Chapter House.  The ultimate mission is to "foster an environment that will enhance the Epsilon Nu experience for current and future members of the Active Chapter".

In April of 2015, Epsilon Nu was effectively suspended by Miami University for violations of Miami's Student Code of Conduct.  Concurrently, Sigma Nu National in support of Miami's decision opted to suspend Epsilon Nu's charter.  The suspensions are effective through March of 2018.  Although our Board strongly disagreed with and agressively appealled Miami's decision and was disappointed in the position taken by Sigma Nu National, we are forced to abide by the decisions.  In effect, Sigma Nu is not currently a recognized fraternity on Miami's campus and the chapter house is closed.  We are not allowed to participate in fraternity rush until the suspension is lifted.

WE NEED YOUR HELP AND INPUT: In the coming months, many decisions will have to be made by our alumni community.  It is the intent of SIgma Nu National to "recolonize" Epsilon Nu as soon as Miami lifts the suspension of recognition.  Do we wish to support this effort from an alumni perspective given the current fraternity climate in Oxford?  What do we do with 300 N. Talawanda?  We own the property, but the House has become outdated and no longer meets the needs/desires of today's students.  These are important decisions reqiring input from our alumni community at large.

We encourage alumni members from all eras to take an active roll in Epsilon Nu.  If you have interest in serving in some capacity as a board member, Alumni Assiociation director, Active Chapter Mentor, or in other ways not yet defined, please contact us through our "Volunteer" page.  We welcome and encourage your help! 

Alumni Board Members 2017-2018

Andy Reed '84, Co-Chair

Kevin Pilarski '84, Co-Chair

Jackson Whitehurst '14, Alumni House Manager

Nick Shine '13 - Treasurer

Brian Muething '00 - Legal

Chris Albrecht - Member At Large

Jon Barrere '81, Member At Large

Matt Beck '79, Member At Large

Pat Brown '86, Member At Large

Steve Dilbone '81, Member At Large

Scott Farmer '81, Member At Large

Steve Gordon '75, Member At Large

Bob Long '75, Member At Large

Walt Theiss '73, Member At Large

Steve Ortner '79 - House Manage Emeritus