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Betty Combs

Betty Combs, House Cook 1979-1991(?)

Betty Combs arrived at Epsilon Nu in the fall of 1979, after the reconstruction of the House had been completed following the fire.  Betty was a piece of work.  She had big shoes to fill after the departure of Bobo, and she worked hard to satisfy the fickle palettes of the 72 residents of the House.  She had some standout meals.  Her turkey breast dinners and what came to be known as "Betty 'Ghetti" (Betty's version of spaghetti) were particular favorites.

Betty was the ultimate "character".  She was a bit high strung with a voice that was a unique cross between Gladys Kravitz and one of the Smurfs.  In the winter months, Betty was always cold.  While the lasagna was baking in pans in the oven, Betty would don her slippers, sit down in a chair next to the open door to the oven and rest her feet next right next to pan of lasagna to warm herself.  I'm not quite certain if this was up to health code, but it the ritual added to her aura.

Upon Mom Reaves' passing in 1981, Betty did not want to assume the responsibility for menu planning an ordering the food, claiming the task to be "too stressful".  A member of the active chapter would assume that role.

Betty loved interacting the guys and always did her best to please.  She always took good care of those who showed respect for her kitchen and respect for the House by saving a little extra food for those individuals of by preparing a special plate for someone who might have to miss the normal meal time.  She had a good heart and a quirky, but loveable personality.

It is believed Betty retired for health reasons after some 12 years of service.  She passed away in 2001.