Chartered in 1927, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio




     To make a contribution to help us continue to make improvements to our House, click on the Donate button above.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.  Once you have entered your donation amount, choose the credit card payment option in the lower left of the payment screen. 

Our "Raise the Roof 2012" campaign, the first such effort in over 30 years, was a tremendous success.  We continue to receive contributions.  Visit the "House Projects" page to see what we've accomplished in just under one year!!

Our 2012 "Raise the Roof" campaign was a tremendous success.  Not only did we raise the funding put toward long overdue repairs and improvements to 300 N. Tallawanda, well over 225 individuals contributed to the cause. 

I am very pleased to announce that your contributions have, in fact, provided us with the funds necessary to replace the roof on the House.  The work is now complete.  This critical project replaced a 35 year old roof (last replaced after we torched the place in 1978) that was missing shingles, featured numerous leaks and posed a danger to residents.  We're even threw in new fascia and gutters and repaired or replaced much of the soffits and moldings.  In additon to the exterior improvments, a major facelift was performed on the intrerior of 300 N. Tallawanda. 


In addition, through sound fiscal management, our cash flow position has greatly improved since the reengagement of our alumni community and the reestablishment of our alumni board.  As a result, we were able to complete a series of major and minor interior projects designed to provide a facelift to virtually all of the common areas of the House (read the "EN Status Report" page located on this website for updates).  This is a major league, professional series of projects designed to improve conditions.  The punch list is quite impressive and can be found on the new "House Projects" page on this website.  Again, none of this would be possible without the support of our alumni. 

We will likely continue to execute annual alumni fundraising campaigns and hope to continue to expand alumni participation in Epsilon Nu.

Below is the list of those who generously contirbuted to, and continue to contribute to, "Raise the Roof". 

  • $0 = Traitor Knight, Black Foot, Beta, Sigma Chi, TKE
  • $25 = Kitchen Boy
  • $50 = Pledge Trainer
  • $100 = Cocksman
  • $150 = Rack Shack Stud
  • $250 = Commander
  • $500+ = Viking God

2013-2015 Active Chapter Cocksmen
1954 Ken Tarvin Pledge Trainer
1955 Gregory "Hawkeye" Hatch Cocksman
1959 Michael "Mike" Gerwe Rack Shack Stud
Jim "Bones" Huesman Rack Shack Stud
1965 Tom "T.A." Andrews Rack Shack Stud
Dave Penske Commander
Kelly Stanley Rack Shack Stud
1966 David "Slick/Red" Shuffelton Cocksman
1968 James "Jim" Roberts Commander
1969 Steve "Mac" MacConnell Cocksman
Tom Renaud Cocksman
1970 Jim "Jimbo" Howe Rack Shack Stud
Jim "Junior" Milam Cocksman
Scott Siegel Pledge Trainer
Hugh "Skip" Thurnauer Cocksman
Terry "Doctor" Wright Cocksman
1971 David "Eldo" Elder Pledge Trainer
Ron "Squirrel" Hank Cocksman
Bill "Mackie" McConnell Cocksman
Steve "Boat" Rowe Commander
Jim "Sanks" Sankey Pledge Trainer
Ken "Shitson" Shilson Viking God x 2
1972 Jim "Chappy" Chapman Rack Shack Stud
Peter Cowgill Cocksman
Jim "Socks" Lockman Cocksman
Rod "Sten" MacEachen Cocksman
Bill "Tits" Rowley Viking God
1973 Paul "Screamin'" Anderson Cocksman
Bruce "Mole" Andres Cocksman
Rich "Bozo" Bahnsen Pledge Trainer
John "J.B." Berlin Pledge Trainer
Mike "Con" Connors Cocksman
Richard "Stumpy" DeLater Viking God x 2.5!
Jim "Dibbles" Ditzel Rack Shack Stud
Mark "Sport" Dougherty Cocksman
Blair Gorsuch Pledge Trainer
Kevin "Shit Hawk" Irwin Viking God
Chris "Mackie" MacConnell Viking God
Jeff "Mildew" Miller Cocksman
Rich "Jean-Claude" Moreland Commander
Robert "Bob" Rupp Cocksman
Larry "Slydell" Sindell (in memory per Waddy) Kitchen Boy
Dennis "Smitty" Smith Pledge Trainer
Douglas "Mush" Starrett Commander
Don "D.T." Taylor Rack Shack Stud
Walter "Waddy" Theiss Cocksman
Dennis Vicars Cocksman
Steve "Wacky" Wachter Cocksman
Steve Williams Cocksman
Greg "Nini" Woerth" Rack Shack Stud
Dave "Younks" Younkman Cocksman
1974 Garth Anderson Cocksman
Michael Barrett Cocksman
Douglas "Durocher" Dickison Kitchen Boy
Phil Glandon Commander
Earl "Red" Huber (in memory per Big Daddy) "Post" God
Chuck "Big Daddy" Landes Cocksman
Dan "Pickle" MacConnell Commander
Patrick "Monday" Schrote Cocksman
Mark "Soy" Suydam Commander
1975 Harold "H" Anness Cocksman
Steve "Ax" Aumiller Cocksman
Steve "Buffy" Bachman Viking God
George "Benet" Bennett Rack Shack Stud
Scott "Scoots" Buhl Cocksman
Bruce "Tex" Burns Cocksman
Steve "El" Elliott Cocksman
Jim "Foxy" Fox (in memory per Bobba) Pledge Trainer Eternal
Steve "Gordo" Gordon Pledge Trainer
Geoff "Gee-off" Gregg Commander
Gary Jarrold Cocksman
Nick "Dr. J" Johantgen Cocksman
Jim "Whacko" Kemp Pledge Trainer
Scott "Quiz" Linton Kitchen Boy
Bob "Blade" Long Cocksman
Steve "Pro" Lowe Commander
Jim "Jeeroome" Mayhall Pledge Trainer
Steve McClave Cocksman
Steve "Crackers" Oyster Cocksman
Craig Reifeis Commander
Gerald "Jouse" Rouse Cocksman
Ron "Duck" Rudduck Cocksman
Jon Sisler Viking God
Steve "Fuzzy" Smith Cocksman
Bob "Bobba" Werst Commander
1976 Dick "McT" Brand Cocksman
Tim "Mackie" MacConnell Commander
Scott Merrill Commander
1977 Pat "Paco" McKenna Commander
1978 Jim "Stumpy" Abdnor Cocksman
Doug "Baa" Bennett Cocksman
Michael "Burnsy" Burns Cocksman
John "Doc" Herr Viking God
John "Swayze" Kammerer Cocksman
Tim "Mr. T." Thomas Commander
Brad "Bradli" Young Viking God
Stu "Trained the Best Damn Pledge Class Ever" Young Viking God
1979 Matt "Choo" Beck Cocksman
Steve "Byrnesy" Byrnes Rack Shack Stud
Bill "Ease" Easley Cocksman
Pete "Sponge" Gallagher Commander
Jim "Goldie" Goldman Commander
Ted "Hobby" Hobson Cocksman
Mark "Magerk" Ireland Rack Shack Stud
Dick "Jack-Son" Jackson Rack Shack Stud
Steve "Kells" Kelleher Commander
Kirby Luechauer Viking God x 2
Brian "Rocky" MacConnell Rack Shack Stud
Steve "Orts" Ortner Commander
Joe "Crazy Joe" Scherrbaum Cocksman
Mike "Bucketts" Turnbull Cocksman
Steve "Younks" Younkman Commander
Fred "Flyin' Fred" Ehmke Tube Room God*
1980 Mike "Bussrico" Bussmann Rack Shack Stud
Ernie "Ernie D" DeLaMotte Cocksman
Mark "Harpo" Ehrlich Commander
Thomas "Shecky Fink" Fanta Cocksman
Steve "Fitz" Fitzgerald CLASSIFIED
Jack "Zon" Hemple Cocksman
Dave "Ratz" Ratajczak Cocksman
Paul "Pablo" Vitek Commander
1981 Randy "Nick" Adams Commander
Chris "Oozie" Albrecht Cocksman
Jon "J.B." Barrere Commander
Steve "Bone" Dilbone Commander
Tom "Dorgs" Dorger Rack Shack Stud
Scott "Zoomer" Farmer Viking God x 2
Dana Gray Cocksman
Scott "Burt" Gregory Cocksman
Jeff "Chico" Greisch Cocksman
Jim "Krum" Krumwiede Rack Shack Stud
Matt "Secretariat" Lorenz Rack Shack Stud
Pat "McCaf" McCaffrey Commander
Steve "Dinger" Olberding Commander
Elizabeth S. "Mom" Reaves (in memory per Class of '81) Sweatheart Eternal
Jack "Torque" Roehr Cocksman
Randy "Shultzy" Shultz Rack Shack Stud
1982 Steve "Nards" Bernard Cocksman
Tom "Brawny" Braun Cocksman
Bill "Flynner" Flynn Cocksman
Paul "Slobs" Hobbs Cocksman
Brian "Bugsy" Moran Commander
Matt "Moss" Mossing Cocksman
Steve "Art" Murray Cocksman
Dave "Middie" Pearce Commander
David "Rhino" Ryan Cocksman
Bert "Sully" Sullivan Cocksman
Perry Talbot (in memory per Art) Cocksman
Tom "Woody" Wilcock Commander
1983 Greg "L'il Wayne" Anderson Commander
Steve "Burnsy" Burns Commander
Dave "Bumpkin" Carrier Rack Shack Stud
Dave "Falts" Falter Cocksman
Mark "Howie" Hauser Viking God
Steve "Herms" Herman Commander
Scott "Dolf" Meyer Commander
Tony Monte Commander
Steve "O.C." O'Connor Cocksman
William "Billy" Seeds Viking God
Brad "Slayborg" Slabaugh Commander
Andy "Drew" Spalding Rack Shack Stud
Dan "Weaves" Weaver Viking God
1984 Jim "Buddha" Buchta Viking God x 2
Tom "Coxy" Cox Viking God x 2
Jeff "Rhino" Ryan Viking God x 2
Tom "Scoop" McCarthy Cocksman
Todd "Toddo" McManamon Commander
Dave "Dudley" Meyer Viking God  
Steve "Millie" Millard Viking God
Tom "Teddy" Pender Commander
Kevin "Pluto" Pilarski Viking God
Andy "Weeder" Reed Viking God
Tony "Fred Flintstone" Ryan Cocksman
1985 Dave Bennett Viking God
Chris "BoBo" Bowman Viking God
Bill "Brownie" Brown Viking God
Chris "Buse" Busa Cocksman
Bill "B.C." Carroll Pledge Trainer
Tim "Clance" Clancy Pledge Trainer
Bill "Hobbage" Hobbs Pledge Trainer
Kevin "Bubba" Morton Commander
Mike Spalding Rack Shack Stud
Scott "Ess Vee" Volkert Cocksman
1986 Pat "Brownie" Brown Rack Shack Stud
John "Derl" Doyle Pledge Trainer
Bill "Hurls" Hurley Cocksman
David "Chews" Mathews Cocksman
Pat "Ryno" Ryan Cocksman
Pat "Papa Bear" Walsh Pledge Trainer
1988 William "Bill" Andersen Cocksman
Tom "Craves" Craver Cocksman
Jeffrey "Jeff" Dehnert Cocksman
Thomas "Cougar" Leinenweber Pledge Trainer
Mike "Mags" Mallegg Kitchen Boy
1989 Jim Welch Commander
1990 Jeff "Jaeff" Greenbury Cocksman
Steve "Mallunch" Malloy Kitchen Boy
1993 Ben Wood Pledge Trainer
1994 Casey Stanley Cocksman
Kevin Zolkiewicz Viking God
1997 Jason "Juice" Barrie Cocksman
Patrick "Law Dog" Haller Cocksman
1998 Frost Williams Cocksman
1999 Jason Kearns Pledge Trainer
2000 Chris Dain Pledge Trainer
Alan Gilmore Cocksman
Brian Muething Cocksman
2007 Carmel "Carmine" Winkler Cocksman

The House itself has seen better days.  It is in need of the type of renovation and repair that one would expect for a structure that has housed fraternity guys for the past 46 years.  Although some improvements have been made over the years, funding has precluded conducting renovations/repairs with the frequency and timeliness consistent with typical commercial residential properties or other campus fraternities.  The House has fallen behind.  We did not expect "Raise the Roof" to fund a complete makeover, but the campaign, along with sound fiscal management of the operation has enabled us to embark on an unprecendented number of improvement projects. 

Donations can be made in any denomination you see fit.  As we are also reestablishing the Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu Alumni Association, anyone contributing any denomination above $25.00 will be placed on the official Alumni Association roster.  100% of monies collected in this effort will go directly into the Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu Corporation house operations budget and will be used to make some long-overdue repairs.  The more you give, the more you will be helping us to help the House.


 To make a donation, click on the Donate button above.  You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.  Once you have entered your donation amount, choose the credit card payment option in the lower left of the payment screen.

 Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu Corporation is a 501c (8) non-profit fraternal organization located in the State of Ohio.  Check with your accountant as to the tax deductibility of your donation.

Until our recent efforts to reengage, our once tremendously strong Alumni Chapter had been in hibernation for 20+ years.  We are now beginning to make a significant dent in our efforts to reconstruct our alumni database.  Ideally, I would have wanted to wait until we had 1000 alumni verified and officially listed in our database before making an appeal for alumni contributions. However, the enthusiasm and interest of those in our database as it exists today has prompted this inaugural "Raise the Roof" campaign.  Gents, for most of us, our Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu experience was life-changing, the friendships made while in the House were lifelong.  "Raise the Roof" is intended to help ensure the expereince continues in perpetuity so that other future generations of Sigma Nus can share in similar experiences.  This is a noble effort that alumni of previous generations conducted so that we all could experience Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu.  Please...Contribute.

As indicated, we do not make this appeal lightly.  Your contributions will be going to make needed repairs and to improve conditions at 300 N. Tallawanda.  For 20+ years, our once active and supportive alumni community had become disengaged from the fraternity.  As a result, alumni contributions, financial and otherwise, were non-existent.  The Housing operation at 300 N. Tallawanda had come to rely exclusively on the room and board payments of the Active Chapters who took up residence in the House from 1991 to today.  In the most recent years, despite dwindling housing numbers and increased operating costs, the House managed to barely squeak by covering its annual expenses.  There were no funds available to make even the most minor renovations or major repairs.    However, when the Alumni Board reengaged in 2011, we took unprecedented steps to reduce expenses, control cost and, most importantly, instill a seemingly long forgotten sense of pride in House ownership in the Active Chapter.  The results were positive.  The 2012/2013 school year will show a 60% year-over-year increase in the number of residents and for the first time in over 5 years, every room in the House will be occupied. 

We could really use your help.


Jon Barrere ‘81

EN 1272