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House Projects

New Commercial Laundry 2014

New Commercial Laundry Sinks/Mop Tub 2014

New Emergency Exit Sign 2014

Pictured Above: House Renovations 2014 - Clockwise from upper left - 1. New commercial washers being installed in renovated laundry room.  2. Renovation of "Lloyd's Utility Room" includes a double utility sink and a floor level mop tub.  3.  New flooring, ceiling and lighting for "Pool Room".  4. New Emergency Exit Sign located above exit door from additon to parking lot.

What is not shown are the new dryers for the laundry room or the fiber-optic internet upgrade providing the House with more bandwidth than any other commercial property in Oxford, and mutiple other improvements.

A giant "Vote of Confindence" goes out to Brother Steve "Orts" Ortner, '79, who has been coordinating the renovation efforts.  Orts has gone well above and beyond the call of duty on this one and we are all grateful for his dedication.  The place is looking GREAT!


In 2011, the Alumni Board was resurrected after a 20 year hiatus.  One of the main objectives in our reengagement was to begin a 6 year plan of modernizing, repairing, renovating and rehabbing the House.  Given years of lack of funding leading to neglect in maintenance and repair, the House had fallen behind other fraternity houses and commercial residences in in terms of overall condition and amenities.  It was no longer competitive in the eyes of Active Chapter residents and potential pledge classes.  After stabalizing the House financial situation in 2012, we were able to launch our first "giving campaign" in many, many years.  "Raise the Roof 2012" was initiated to raise a bit of seed money from our alumni community to assist us in financing some basic, long-overdue reapirs and improvements to the property.  However, the campaign was more sucessful than originally imagined and we have been able to add to our punch list and are well ahead of schedule in terms of House renovations.  We were pleased to report that these improvements led to dramatic year-over-year increases in the number of Epsilon Nu Actives taking up residence at 300 N. Tallawanda and the 2014/2015 school year saw the largest residency numbers in over a decade.  Unfortunately, Epsilon Nu residency is down to 0 in light of the suspension, but the improvements made no doubt played a key role in Lambda Chi's decsion to lease the House from us.


Below is a listing of projects completed, in process and on the drawing board.  Most of these projects could not have been possible with your contributions. 

COMPLETE - Reinforce/Rebuild connection of rear balcony to main structure - COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replacement of Roof COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replacement of Gutters/Soffits COMPLETE

COMPLETE - Complete Renovation of Laundry Room - COMPLETE

COMPLETE - Installation of Commercial Laundry Equipment - COMPLETE

COMPLETE - Upgrade Internet Connection to 50GB Fiber-Optic - COMPLETE

COMPLETE - Floor Replacement in "Pool Room" (Second Floor of Addition) - COMPLETE

COMPLETE - Install Commercial Grade Interior Fire Doors - COMPLETE

COMPLETE - Install New Commercial Grade Extrior Door - Kitchen Entrance - COMPLETE

COMPLETE - Install New Commercial Grade Exterior Door - Utility Room - COMPLETE

COMPLETE - Install New Commercial Grade Doors - Main Front Entrance - COMPLETE

COMPLETE - Repair Ghetto Bathroom Shower/Replace Tile, Floorpan - COMPLETE

 COMPLETE Major steam cleaning/power wash of all common areas COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace attic roof fan with 3 solar powered units COMPLETE

COMPLETE Install Peak Vent in addition roof COMPLETE

In Process - Repair/Replace heater units servicing kitchen and dining room - In Process

COMPLETE Rebuild room around water heater in attic (fire code) COMPLETE

COMPLETE (Active Chapter) Replace carpet in living room COMPLETE (Active Chapter)

COMPLETE Repair (tuckpointing) of brick work on walls of front and rear balconies COMPLETE

COMPLETE Rehab/Paint Living Room and Rotunda Foyer COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace kitchen light fixtures COMPLETE

Replace "Sigma Nu" with the Greek Letters "ΣN" on front of House

Add additonal security lighting to exterior and parking lot

COMPLETE Replace ceiling tiles in Kitchen COMPLETE


COMPLETE Replace ceiling in Dining Room COMPLETE

COMPLETE Install insullation in addition ceiling COMPLETE

 COMPLETE Replace lighting in Dining Room COMPLETE

COMPLETE Rehab and paint Dining Room COMPLETE

Install TV in Dining Room

COMPLETE Rehab and paint "Blue Room" (Old Tube Room) COMPLETE

COMPLETE Overhaul, regrout, seal all Mens' Bathroom, shower, Powder Room tile COMPLETE

COMPLETE Paint all Mens' Bathrooms and Powder Room COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace Powder Room Door COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace door leading from Living Room to North Stairwell COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace ceiling in "Pool Room" (send floor of addition) COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace lighting in "Pool Room" COMPLETE

COMPLETE Powerwash and paint "Pool Room" COMPLETE


 COMPLETE Replace ceiling tiles in all hallways and side foyer COMPLETE

COMPLETE Rehab/Paint walls in all hallways/side foyer COMPLETE

COMPLETE Hard-wiring of of Internet connection in all residential rooms and complete overhaul of wireless connectivity throughout the House COMPLETE

COMPLETE Professionally treat, fertilize, aerate, lawn and edge at beds and cement work COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace front porch side entry door/commercial grade COMPLETE

COMPLETE Drywall around hot water heater in attic (fire code) COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace entry door from parking lot to addition/commercial grade COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace current residential grade exterior doors leading from Dining Room to rear patio/commercial grade COMPLETE

COMPLETE Repair ventilation system for mens bathrooms COMPLETE

COMPLETE Add security lighting to exterior of House and parking lot COMPLETE

COMPLETE Repair pump for delivering hot water to lower level showers COMPLETE

Replace side driveway located on north side of House

COMPLETE!!! Repair front porch flood lights to make functional COMPLETE!!!

COMPLETE Renovate rooms in Pit.  Re-open Pit to residnets for 2012-2013 school Year COMPLETE

COMPLETE Repair and re-open pit bathroom after year of closure COMPLETE

COMPLETE Replace missing urinal in The Pit COMPLETE

COMPLETE Install ventilation fans in all bathrooms to reduce dampness, mold COMPLETE

COMPLETE Repair or replace cement stairs and landing leading into the addtion COMPLETE

 Replace residential grade interior room doors/hardware with commercial grade products.  Create master key system to satisfy fire code.

Replace worn/damaged interior closet/office/hallway/bathroom doors with commercial grade doors/hardware

Replace doors leading to kitchen (doors were removed several years ago)

Rework old stainless steel dishwashing area in kitchen

COMPLETE Replace linoleum flooring in rear kitchen entry area COMPLETE

Replace rusted/rotted metal framwork around kitchen door openings

COMPLETE Replace non-functioning ice machine COMPLETE

Replace stairway carpet/plastic runners (35 years old)

COMPLETE Refurbish/Deep Clean/Refinish all floors in common areas COMPLETE

In Progress Add Auto-Flush units to all toilets and urinals In Progress

Add motion light switches to hallways, bathrooms to reduce electrical usage

Replace fence surrounding outdoor garbage area

COMPLETE Procure adequate set of tools for the House Manager to facilitate simple repairs.  We have expected the kids to maintain the place, but have not provided the tools. COMPLETE

In Progress Replace front porch light fixtures In Progress

Replace wrought iron "White Star" entry between pillars leading from sidewalk up to front porch

Replace wrought iron railings missing from front, center entrance stoop