Chartered in 1927, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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Lloyd Wilson

Lloyd Wilson (2nd from Right) pictured in the Tube Room with (L to R) Jim "Scruffy" Beall, George Brace, Rod Carnes, Jon "JB" Barrere, Bill "Pinger" Ping, Tony Monte and Steve "Burnsey" Burns. Summer School circa 1981.

Lloyd Wilson is believed to be the longest serving member of the EN staff.  Rumored to have begun his tenure with the Chapter in the late 1960's, Lloyd was employed in a maintenance capacity until his retirement at the age of 84 in 2011.   We believe he served well over 40 years. 

During his early years in the House, Lloyd worked two jobs.  He would start in the early morning hours at the Sigma Nu House, and finish his day at as part of the custodial staff at Tallawanda High School.  Lloyds responsibilities at the House included yard, bathroom, and dining room maintenance and he would help to keep all the public areas of the House clean and in working order.  He often went well beyond the call of duty in cleaning up after messes made by the boys.

Lloyd would usually finish up his House duties before 9:00 am and, prior to heading to Tallawanda HS, could be found having having a cup of coffee and a smoke with the guys catching a late breakfast in the dining room.  He always referred to us as "Sig-uh-ma-nus" or, more often, "God D*mn, Sig-uh-ma-nus".  During his vacuuming of the Tube Room, anyone caught on the sofas would be told, "Hey skinny..Get off of that couch!".  He would often "ecourage" us by stating things like, "Hey JB, You ain't never gonna granulate!".  There was a lot of give and take between the guys and Lloyd, and as much as Lloyd could dish it out, he could take it in good fun as well.

After his retirement from Tallawanda, he continued to work at Sigma Nu.  While in his late 70's, Wayne Staton hired someone to cut the House lawn during the summer months fearing the exertion during Oxford's hot and humid summers would take its toll on Lloyd's health.  Lloyd drove past the House, saw someone else cutting the grass, got out of his truck and threatened to "cut" him.  The guy fled and Lloyd continued to cut the grass until the summer of 2011.

Lloyd will go down as one of Epsilon Nu's greatest characters.  We wish him well in his retirement.