Chartered in 1927, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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Ralph "Bobo" Carter

Ralph "Bobo" Carter, House Cook 1958(?) - 1978

Ralph Carter served as House Cook from about 1958 (you older guys can confirm this start date) until 1978.  Better known as "Bobo", Ralph and his wife Mae cooked many a meal at 300 N. Tallawanda.  Bobo and Mae were also related to long time EN employee Lloyd Wilson.  Bobo was a dedicated cook who not only cooked up a mean, but greasy pan of lasagna or "Lazag" as it became known, he also had a penchant for Kool Cigarettes and would smoke them while preparing meals in the kitchen.  Many thought brunches were the best of the meals prepared by Bobo and Mae and the duo did a terrific job with Homecoming meals and other large scale affairs.

Bobo never left the kitchen when on duty.  In fact, there was about a ten year stretch in time when at least one Sigma Nu was working at Roy Young's College Shop, a men's store located on High Street in uptown Oxford.  Bobo knew the work schedules for the Roy Young employees and would often jump on the intercom before our shifts and shout something like, "Hey Ortner...You working at Roy's today?  How 'bout picking me up a pack of those Kooooool Cigarettes.  King Size.".  The boys would always oblige, stopping at the U-Shop for a pack of Kools before heading back to the House. 

Bobo's employment came to an end after the fire of 1978.  The House was to be shut down for a full semester for repair and Bobo would not be employed during that period.  Bobo and Mae were getting on in years and some in the House questioned the quality of the meals.  A somewhat heated debate took place during "A" Club as to wheter Bobo's contract would be renewed.  A close vote put us into search mode for a successor that would join us when the House reopened in the fall of 1979.

Of course, the "grass always seems greener".  No one is certain whether the meals actually improved, but the change was made and Bobo went into our Local Lore as one of the great "characters" associated with Epsilon Nu.