Chartered in 1927, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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The Hitching Post - "The Post"

The Hitching Post Tavern, located in Darrtown, just four miles due east of Oxford, was a major outpost for ENs from the 70’s and into the 80’s.  “The Post”, as we came to call it, had a storied past.  Opening in 1829, it was one of Ohio’s oldest taverns, and certainly Ohio’s oldest tavern in continuous operation until around 1980.  In 1949, the place was purchased by Earl “Red” Huber.  It was under Red’s proprietorship when Sigma Nu turned The Post into a “home away from home” and it became the venue for "Turkey Bowl".

The Post might have had 12-15 tables, and 10 stools at the bar.  Although old, the tavern was in impeccable condition, and immaculately kept.  Compared to the uptown Oxford bars, The Post was five-star.  The bar top and the tables were lacquered with what seem to be ½” of polyurethane.  The back bar displayed about 40 highly valued collector decanters obtained from Jim Beam and other whiskey purveyors.  On the bar was a jar of hard-boiled eggs one could purchase for 25 cents.  The eggs were consumed with the aid of Worcestershire sauce and salt.  The floor, always spotless, was wood and sported a bullet hole rumored to have been the result of Red’s attempt to quell an unruly crowd.  The walls contained historical Darrtown photos, and a variety of baseball memorabilia from Red’s best friend and Darrtown’s favorite son, Walter Alston, Hall of Fame Manager of the Brooklyn and Los Angeles Dodgers.  One would also find several Sigma Nu composites and paddles that Red proudly displayed on his walls in gratitude for our patronage.

There was a juke box that featured an eclectic mix of pop, country, Sinatra and The Mills Brothers.  “Glow Worm” was a popular Mills Brothers selection, while Linda Ronstadt’s version of “Livin’ in the U.S.A.” was on the regular playlist.  The juke always played the traditional song below at closing time:

“Show Me the Way to Go Home”

I’m tired and I want to go to bed,

Oh I had a little drink about an hour ago,

And it went straight to my head….

The main attraction to The Post was its “Big Ball Bowling Machine”; an arcade game. Originally, we thought the machine was a relic of the 1950’s, but further research tells us the machine was a 1971 Chicago Coin “Monte Carlo”.  Bowling was a Thursday night ritual for us (Fridays and Saturdays, too, if we didn’t have other social functions) often drawing the entire house out for the evening.  It was not uncommon for sorority girls and other fraternity guys to show up at The Post, but bowling was strictly reserved for Sigma Nus.

The Post remained a regular spot for us until about 1980 when Red took ill and the Post was shut down.  It eventually reopened in 1982, three days after Red’s passing.  There have been several ownership changes and closings since that time, and every now and then a Sigma Nu alum has thoughts of buying the place.  It is currently open, but we don’t know if The Machine still resides against the north wall.