Chartered in 1927, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

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Volunteer (We Need Your Help!)

Our recent efforts to reengage our alumni community with Epsilon Nu and our efforts to resurrect the alumni board have been driven primarily by alumni members from the 1979-1984 graduating classes.  We are actively and aggressively seeking alumni from ALL eras to help in our efforts.  There are many ways in which to help including Housing Corporation Board Member, Active Chapter Mentor, Alumni Class Coordinator/Database Researcher,  Alumni History Archivist and Alumni Alumni Association Board Member.  As we also seek to make some home improvements, we seek those who might be able to take advantage of business or personal contacts to provide goods or services to Epsilon Nu at discounted rates.  If you have some interest in giving back some time and effort to Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu, please complete and submit the form below. 


Volunteer Position Descriptions

Alumni Housing Corporation Board Member - This requires a two year commitment to serve as a member of the Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu Housing Corporation Board.  You can serve in any number of board positions, President, Secretary, Treasurer, House Manager Liaison, Kitchen Liaison, or Member at Large.  To date, much of our dialogue has been held via email and quarterly conference calls.  We will soon be holding annual or semi-annual meetings at the House.  Responsibilities involve making recommendations pertaining to House operations and implementing those recommendations.

Alumni Mentor to the Active Chapter - In light of the fact that Sigma Nu National will seek to recolonize Epsilon Nu when the suspension is lifted (currently March of 2018), should our alumni support this effort, we will need volunteers from our ranks to assist in the process.  If interested, please let us know.  2018 is not that far off and advanced planning is certainly needed.

Alumni Class Coordinator/Database Researcher - This position is a great way to reconnect with your pledge brothers and classmates while greatly assisting us in further expanding our alumni database.  Again, a simple premise.  Take the lead in actively seeking out members of your graduating class to obtain current contact information and email addresses.  Just make it your mission to search the Internet White Pages, Facebook, LinkedIn and other means to locate your mates and direct them to register in our alumni database on this website.  This effort is invaluable to our alumni efforts.

Alumni History Archivist - Similar to above, this position will allow you to connect with classmates.  One of our goals is to collect and archive our Epsilon Nu history in words, stories and photos.  Take just a few minutes to blow the dust off your old college photo album.  Encourage your mates to do the same.  If you have the means and the technical aptitude, coordinate the scanning of photos from your era for downloading into our archives.  We would love to have the most comprehensive digital photo archive of any Sigma Nu chapter.   

Alumni Association Board Member - Ultimately, we will initiate a formal Epsilon Nu of Sigma Nu Alumni Association.  The responsibility of this entity will differ from the Alumni Housing Corporation Board.  The Alumni Association will focus on alumni related activities (Homecoming, Alumni Weekend, Regional Reunion Events) and ways in which to engage the alumni community with Epsilon Nu.  There will be no House operations responsibilities.  If you have interest in participating at the Alumni Association levels, check the box.